How to qualify for a Habitat Home

Habitat homeowners must be active participants in building a better home and future for themselves and their families. Every Habitat home is an investment. For us, it is one answer to a critical need, and we believe that stronger homes will create stronger communities.

  • Prospective Habitat homeowners must demonstrate a need for safe, affordable housing.
  • Once selected, Habitat homeowners must partner with us throughout the process. This partnership includes performing “sweat equity,” or helping to build their own home or the homes of others in our homeownership program. Sweat equity can also include taking homeownership classes.
  • Homeowners must also be able and willing to pay an affordable mortgage. Mortgage payments are cycled back into the community to help build additional Habitat houses.

Homeowner Eligibility Requirements

Although eligibility requirements can vary from city to city below are some basic eligibility requirements:

    • Applicants must have a gross annual household income based on 2018 HUD Guidelines Released 4/4/2018:
      — $13,100.00 to $26,200.00 for a family of 1
      $16,460.00 to $32,920.00 for a family of 2
      $20,780.00 to $41,560.00 for a family of 3
      $25,100.00 to $50,200.00 for a family of 4
      $29,420.00 to $58,840.00 for a family of 5
      $33,740.00 to $67,480.00 for a family of 6
      $38,060.00 to $76,120.00 for a family of 7
      — $41,150.00 to $82,300.00 for a family of 8

Applicants must also meet the following requirements:

    • Applicants must be 18 years or older.
    • A legal resident or U.S. citizen and have lived in Aiken County for at least one year.
    • Have a need for adequate shelter.
    • Have the ability to pay the mortgage payments.
    • Be willing to assist in the construction of their own Habitat house, as well as other Habitat houses.
    • Be willing to partner with Habitat for Humanity including our free financial counseling.

For more details , please read our Family Selection Criteria.

Aiken County Habitat for Humanity is now processing all applications for North Augusta.  Applications are only available at their office and are no longer available online.

 To pick up an application, you must stop by the Aiken County Habitat office Tuesday through Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Aiken County Habitat for Humanity
1026 Park Avenue SE
Aiken, SC 29801


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