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HFHNA to Merge with Aiken County Organization

Effective July 1, 2018, Habitat for Humanity of North Augusta (HFHNA) will merge with Aiken County Habitat for Humanity (ACHFH) to ensure we continue to serve the people of North Augusta. Together, we will remove the boundaries of service areas and reach more underserved people wanting to become homeowners. This new synergy between HFHNA and ACHFH will create opportunities for safe, affordable housing through building homes and better communities while continuing to support decent housing for everyone. The new ACHFH will support an office in North Augusta and will continue to build at least one new house each year in North Augusta, with the hope increasing to two houses in two to three years.

HFHNA has been successful working within the North Augusta community only because of the tremendous support of local volunteers, businesses, churches and individuals who believe in the mission. We are thankful for these relationships and hope to sustain them through this unified organization. They are key to planning and building homes and  serving on the board and committees.

Together as one organization, we remain committed to bringing people together to build homes, communities and hope.

Full details on the merger are found in our June Newsletter.

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Christmas Message from President Mike Deger

Another year has flown by and once again the holidays  are upon us. Each year they seem to come faster and  faster. The holidays are always a blessed gift at the end  of a long and busy year, and just in time to help us get  ready for 2018. This is a time to give thanks for all our blessings and make wishes for our futures.

Habitat for Humanity of North Augusta has much to be  thankful. First are the dedicated volunteers that include  board members, construction volunteers, and local  business that give of their time, expertise and products.  Board members work tirelessly to manage the  processes to assist needy families. Construction  volunteers bring their expertise and time to build the house. Local businesses provide lunches, construction  materials, and professional services.

Nothing would be possible without our generous  sponsors. The North Augusta community is blessed to have so many, willing to give so much, to raise up those in need and see that everybody deserves a decent place to live. Thank you sponsors! Your gifts have made our House # 18 possible and given  the Tyesha Simmons Family a great hand up to a  better life!

Thank you for making 2017 successful and I leave  you with a few wishes for 2018:

  • I wish you the joy of knowing that your chosen work has meaning and significance.
  • I wish you peace and a grasp of the reality.
  • I wish your patience and serenity in all things.
  • I wish you surprising, unexpected kindness, and goodness in abundant measure.
  • I wish you gentleness and self-control, and that others would see the face of God reflected in your life.
  • I wish you love – profound, embracing, all encompassing love – experienced fully and shared generously.

Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and warm wishes  for a brilliant New Year!

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HFHNA Honors outgoing President Tom Ellers

Incoming President Mike Deger presents plaque to Tom Ellers honoring Tom’s nine years of service with HFHNA.

Due to a relocation, Tom Ellers has stepped down as President of Habitat for Humanity of North Augusta. He was replaced by Vice-president Mike Deger, effective May 1.

Tom has worked diligently for Habitat for over nine years and will be truly missed. Please read more about Tom and his service in our May Newsletter.

Thank you Tom for your leadership and the tremendous impact you’ve had on our organization!

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